Flexibility, adaptability, and relevance are essential to the resilience needed in a rapidly changing world.

I am a strategic, results-driven leader with over fifteen (15) years of management experience. A strong communicator, strategic planner, and systems thinker, I have led and managed transformative change from concept to deployment in several organizations with a view to efficiency, accountability, relevance, and increased cohesion on shared vision and purpose.

I have worked in both the public and private sectors, building cross-sectoral and cross-jurisdictional partnerships nationally and internationally in public and private sectors. With experience in management, strategic planning and foresight, digital strategy, human resources, public consultation, policy development, communications, and project management, I offer a well-rounded set of strategic skills in support of my clients as they work to gain agility in a rapidly changing global economy. 

Human relationships are the bedrock of any success. My commitment to community, inclusivity, and respect for diversity are evidenced throughout my career.

I look forward to helping my next client tackle their challenges.

– Akoulina Connell
Consulting for the Arts and Culture Sector